The racecourse starts from center of Dalyan and goes on with a straight asphalt road surrounded by gardens of pomegranate and citrus trees on the way of Iztuzu Beach.  For 5k runners, there is a turning point on the 2.5th km of the course while 14k and 21k runners will continue towards Iztuzu Beach. After Lake Sulungur is passed, 21k runners will proceed to the turning point at the 10.5 km after climbing up the light slope about 150m while 14k runners will turn at the turning point on the 7th kilometer of the course. Saluting Caretta Carettas 21k runners will turn from the turning point with spectacular view of Iztuzu Beach and Dalyan Delta underneath. After enjoying the legendary view of Sulungur Lake the second time 21k runners will finish the race at Dalyan Public Square.


Racecourse Map
Racecourse Elevation Map for 5K



Racecourse Elevation Map for 10K


Racecourse Elevation Map for 21K